Builder Benefits

We provide:

  • A team of professionals committed to your community’s success

  • Quality products backed by superior installation and customer service

We help you:

  • Create educated homebuyers empowered with realistic expectations

  • Satisfy the needs of the homebuyer in a professional, efficient and accurate manner

Resulting in:

  • More satisfied customers

  • Increased upgrade sales

  • Higher Upgrade Sales

  • Reduced warranty complaints

  • Saving of your time and money

Contract Floorworks’ products:

  • Provide exceptional value to new homebuyers and builders.

  • Feature high quality, lasting performance and innovative designs that offer a depth of selection and style.

  • Are backed by excellent warranties.                                   

Contract Floorworks partners with:

  • Suppliers who have trusted brands 

  • Manufacturers who have developed high performance manufacturing processes that produce durable and reliable goods

We create the perfect product offering to meet the financial and lifestyle needs of any new homebuyer.

A team of professionals committed to your community’s success

Group stations in facility easing coordination

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