Installation Checklist

Preparing Your Home For Installation:

1. Protect Your Valuables

  • If furniture will be moved, remove and box any items on or around furniture

  • Disconnect and remove any electronics, appliances and computers

  • If flooring will be installed in a closet, remove all items on the floor and all low hanging items

  • Our installers are not responsible for damage to valuables that have not been removed from within or around the installation area

2. Work Environment

  • Our installers will need access to an area where they can store and cut flooring materials during the course of the installation. Make sure that you have cleared an area – typically in the garage or porch – for this purpose.

  • Our installers will need access to electrical power in the installation and storage areas

  • The interior temperature of the installation area must be at a minimum of 65 degrees for 48 hours prior to installation and 48 hours following installation

General Information During Installation:

1. Be At Home

  • All occupied homes must have an adult present throughout the installation unless other arrangements are made

2. Concealed Imperfections

  • Should concealed imperfections or damages be revealed during the removal or replacement of your existing floor, additional work will be required. Subfloor damage and imperfections can only be determines after we remove existing flooring. Any imperfections found in the subfloor, and requiring correction, are the sole responsibility of the customer

3. Wiring

  • Our installers will not install any cable or wiring underneath the flooring. Doing so can damage the wires and may also void the manufacturer warranty of your flooring

  • Communicate to our installers the locations of any security wires in your home so that they do not cut them by accident

4. Pre-Existing Structural Conditions

  • We are not responsible for any problems that may arise due to pre-existing structural conditions such as asbestos, mold or building code violations. For example, if a nail driven into the floor strikes a water pipe that is closer to the floor than permitted by the building code, the pipe leak will not be our responsibility

5. Pattern and Color Matching

  • There will be some variation in shade or characteristic between the sample you chose and the product actually installed in your home. However, the difference will be within the manufacturers tolerance specifications

  • In most homes the walls are not square, making it impossible for the pattern on the flooring material to be parallel to every wall

  • For material with a pattern, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to communicate to the installer which wall they would like to have the pattern run parallel to. Otherwise, the installers will use their best judgement

6. Moldings

  • If your existing floor is laid under quarter round, we cannot be responsible for breakage of any moldings when the existing floor is removed or a new floor is installed over the existing floor

7. Squeaky Floors

  • It is not the responsibility of our installers to fix squeaky subfloors or wall structures. If this condition impedes the installation process, it is your responsibility to have the necessary repairs performed

8. Doors and Baseboards

  • If necessary, our installers will remove doors and set them back in place. However, they will not be able to shave doors if the new floor is higher than the existing floor. Your sales professional may be able to provide you with a referral for a qualified carpenter

  • We are not responsible for excessive gaps under baseboards or door jams if the new floor is thinner/lower than the existing floor

9. Unavoidable Circumstances

  • Vibrations from the installation may cause cracks in wall molding and popping of some loose drywall nails. We are not responsible for such damage since it is an unavoidable part of the installation procedure

General Information After Installation

1.Post Installation Inspection

  • After installation, be sure to thoroughly examine the job with your installer to ensure your satisfaction before they leave your home

2.Touch Ups

  • Due to the stiff nature of certain flooring materials, even with our installers’ best efforts, it is possible that walls or baseboards could be scratched during installation. Any retouching or repainting will be the responsibility of the customer

3.Clean Up

  • After installation, the installers will remove all waste from flooring and any other installation related trash on the site.

  • You will be responsible for cleaning or vacuuming to remove any dirt or dust that may remain

  • The removal of your existing floor and installation of your new floor covering will create some dust that cannot be avoided. We recommend a thorough cleaning after the installation is complete

4.Proper Ventilation

  • New flooring and installation materials can often affect indoor air quality. Ventilate your home both during and for 72 hours following installation. If practical, we recommend you open all the windows and utilize the fan in your cooling and heating system